Another Beautiful Morning

AHHHH!  *pulling hair out*

I woke up at 6 this morning to a whiny, congested, coughing baby who woke my boys up a half hour later.  When she finally fell back to sleep around 8, we woke up 15 minutes later to the sound of the boys punching each other and yelling,

“You Butthole”
“No, you’re the butthole!”
“MOOOOM, he’s hitting me!”

I bundled them up and sent them outside to play in the snowy, 0°F weather and, for a second, considered locking the door. That thought quickly faded when my baby climbed onto the table and tossed a ceramic casserole dish onto the tile floor.

*CRASH* into a million pieces.

I’m still wondering why Oh What a Beautiful Morning  is stuck in my head.

Is it child abuse to lock your kids out in sub-zero temperatures?  Good thing my daughter dropped that casserole dish.


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