Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Decorating the tree with my family is one of my favorite holiday activities.  Most people are picky about their lights, but I’m not.  I grew up with multi-colored lights on the tree and Ox prefers white lights.  We’ve decided that we like the tree best when it has both types of lighting. This year it’s multi-colored lights because our white strand broke last year and we haven’t bothered to buy a new one since.

I didn’t notice until just now that my tree looks like it’s leaning worse than it was before.  The trunk is crooked half way up the tree.  I think we’ll need to readjust the stand to straighten out the shape of the tree rather than the trunk.

I love a Christmas tree that is decorated in a collage of fun and memories.  Here are a few of my favorite ornaments:

The 2009 Hallmark edition of the Polar Express Sleigh Bell.  The Polar Express is one of our favorite books and movies to watch during the holidays.  As a Hallmark collector, I don’t think I’ll ever sell my ornaments, but it’s fun to know this little treasure is worth 3x what I paid for it.

This porcelain bell puppy is an ornament from my childhood.  I have a little collection of them my mother gave me when I moved out of the house.  It was always a big deal to me that she allowed me to hang them because they were so fragile.  They make me smile.

This ceramic Santa ornament has always been a favorite of mine.  My mother painted it.

Who doesn’t love handmade ornaments from their children?  This adorable little ornament was finger painted by my 18 month old son, who is now six.

My oldest son went through a phase of obsession over Jack Sparrow and pirates in general.  Thank goodness Hallmark makes collectible ornaments like this one.

For each of my children, I have a baby’s first Christmas ornament.  I almost missed out on getting this one for my darling daughter.  They were out of stock in my area and as soon as Christmas was over, this elegant “B” is for Babies and Booties ornament doubled in price.  I happened to snag it two months after Christmas from an eBayer who had no idea about its increased value.  I managed to buy it for $19.99 + shipping.  A sweet deal!

This is our family in the courthouse after Ox’s adoption of my boys.  A perfect ornament for a beautiful memory.  I love how Hallmark has everything we need any year we need it.

In all my life, we’ve never strung popcorn on our tree.  Partly because I’d eat it and mostly because I’d put my feet in it.  This is as good as it gets for me.  With my love of popcorn, it’s only appropriate to have an ornament like this.

My little girl can hardly contain herself with all the decoration, lights, and excitement.   We put a few ornaments down low that are fine for her to touch, but continually encourage her not to touch the tree.  I think we may have a similar meltdown when presents finally go under the tree.


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