Channeling Creativity

I put myself into a Secret Santa with a group of Facebook friends.  The woman for whom I’m buying is a lover of Twilight and the character Jacob Black.  I looked everywhere for her requested gift–a Jacob Black pocket calendar–to no avail.  I started brainstorming and remembered my dear friend Georgia had some Twilight jewelry she was getting rid of on etsy.  I purchased a First Beach stone pendant with hopes of buying more stones and beads from the craft store to make a wire necklace.

I’ve never made a wire necklace.  I’ve never strung a set of beads.  I’m not even sure I ever made a  friendship bracelet as a child.  Oh, heaven help me!

My pendant came in the mail and its varying green and white striations were more beautiful than the picture showed.  It was also a fixed with a rhinestone bling, but I scratched it off when I saw that it was too much for the transformation I was about to make.  Sorry Georgia.

Ox and I took off to the craft store yesterday afternoon to find the right stones and beads for the necklace.  He helped me with much enthusiasm I might add.  That’s another reason why I love him!  We came out with a little multi-purpose tool kit, beading wire, bead clamps, toggle closure, silver beads, blue glass beads, flat round copper colored beads, green stones, and turquoise.  I based my color scheme off Stephanie Meyer’s description of First Beach:

The beach only had a thin border of actual sand at the water’s edge, after which it grew into millions of large, smooth stones that looked uniformly gray from a distance, but up close were every shade a stone could be: terra-cotta, sea green, lavender, blue gray, dull gold.
Twilight, page 115

Playing on these beaches as a child, my favorite stones to find were blue beach glass worn smooth by the crashing waves.  I couldn’t resist adding a bit of that in there.

After dinner last night, I prayed for creativity and knowledge and anything else I may need, and quickly got to work.  Within 15 minutes I had a rough idea of where I was going with this 3-strand wire necklace.

I removed the beads, added bead crimps, and started to replace the stones on the wire one at a time.  I love how it turned out.  I used scraps of the chain I cut from the one that came with the pendant to finish off the necklace.  This allowed me to use the toggle to make a matching bracelet.  I’m currently wearing the bracelet as I write this.

I’m so in love with this set and so very sad to send it out the door.  I hope  the receiver of this gift is as much in love with it as I am.  I’m sure she will be.

And because I just couldn’t help myself, I made my darling daughter a “pretty.”

I can hardly wait to go back to the craft store to get more beads and make a pretty for myself.  Hmm. . .I wonder if Santa knows I’ve been a good girl this year?


2 thoughts on “Channeling Creativity

  1. Oh, Rhea! Don’t know how I missed your original post on FB but I am so thankful and awed by this set and your blog entry makes it even more special to me. Thank you so much. Way better than a pocket calendar! Lol


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