Day 5: Getting Back on Track

So far so good.

I’ve kept to my decision to eliminate soda from my life and when I found myself wearing “comfy” clothes because nothing else I wanted to wear seemed to fit me right I never cursed myself with negativity.  I’ve been drinking a fair amount of water to replace soda, but know I need to drink quite a bit more.  That is my new goal for the day–drink plenty of water.  It will both hydrate me and help curb my appetite.  Often times, thurst is mistaken for hunger.  Drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and a bit of water when I feel like snacking, should eliminate my all day hunger problem.

Now that you know where I’m at on day five, let me tell you it hasn’t been easy.

Day three was almost a wreck.  I went through day one and two just fine.  I had no cravings for a Coke and no headaches from withdrawal.  Then on the third morning, I found a new bottle of Sprite on the kitchen counter because my son wasn’t feeling well the day before.  I took down a glass, picked up the bottle, and began to open the cap.

Then something inside me screamed, “What the H are you doing!”

Thank goodness for that.  I struggled through the rest of the day.

Day four my family and I were heading to town and stopped at the local store before heading out.  I walked straight to the cooler and stared at the Coke.

Oh, so sad.  How I miss you.  What will I ever do without you in my life?

*Sigh* and then some *tears*.

No not really.  I was happy to think I didn’t need it.  I grabbed a Calypso lemonade and ended up taking just a couple of drinks because I’d rather have water. 

Hah! Water.  Who would’ve thought?


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