Dealing with Bullies

Tonight at dinner I heard my children call someone from their school a “cool cat.”  This term is a little old school, so I was unsure if I heard them correctly.  They repeated it for me and burst into laughter, which confused me even more. They shared a glance.

“Should we tell her?” my oldest son asks the youngest.

Coming to an agreement, they commence to tell me there are a lot of bullies on the playground and the two of them have started calling the bullies “cool cats” whenever they see them.  They inform me that, to them, “cool cat” is code for “dirty cow’s butt.”

There is another roar of laughter–which I take part in–and my oldest continues:

Today I walked by one of them and said, “Hey cool cat.  How’s it goin’?” and he looked at me and smiled.  I think he likes the attention.  Too bad he’s a dirty cow’s butt.

Well, that’s one way to deal with a bully.


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