Childhood Love

My boys’ birthday party was a huge success although the friends they invited from school were unable to attend with so many events going on in the surrounding area over the weekend.

My little guy was heartbroken that his kindergarten girlfriend couldn’t make it. He’d known for over a week that she wasn’t coming to the party and when the day finally came, he was even more saddened until the fun was impossible to ignore.

Today he is seven. To our surprise this morning, his girlfriend was waiting for him  by the locked door of their classroom with a present in hand. Her bright eyes sparkled as she walked toward him. She greeted him with a hug, wished him a Happy Birthday, and quickly turned to leave, her silky pigtails swinging as she walked away. They saw each other yesterday as school, but she’d remembered his birthday wasn’t until today.

The sight of her actions fills my heart with joy and even made me cry a little today. I’ve pondered this a bit through the morning and believe that the only feeling better than that of pure, innocent childhood love is being married to your best friend for time and all eternity or the beautiful birth of a child.


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