In Need of a Spa Day

Over the past few weeks my life seems too chaotic. About a month ago, Ox and I agreed that a move to Utah is our best option to further his fire career. We are now scrambling to tie up loose ends and plan to drive away with the Uhaul truck a week from today. I’ve been stressed about last minute packing, the little details of closing utility accounts and bank accounts, the little repairs to the house, preparing the house to be vacant for who knows how long, the fact that the house still hasn’t sold……

It’s obvious I need a break. Not just a mental break, but a physical break. One where I can put my feet up and care less about anything for even just a brief moment. Maybe what I need is to put my feet in a nice steaming bowl of buttery popcorn again. To my dismay, the air popper is packed away and not to be seen again for another 2 weeks (if I feel that motivated to unpack it right away.)

What’s my next option?

The other day my mom left an enormous tub of of green and red layered Jello with me and I contemplated puting my feet in it. The thing is, Jello is so amazingly wonderful to eat I can’t get myself to put anything other than a spoon in it. However, I long to put my feet in it and I even imagine the squelching sound as my feet are sucked through the top layer to the middle. Ahhh! Such relaxation and ridiculousness.

So what’s my next next option?

Being a massage therapist, one would think I’d turn to the spa, but that doesn’t really do it for me either. I think a close second to squelching Jello is jiggly Orbeez.


Every time we visit my sister-in-law, my niece has a massive collection of slimy Orbeez swollen to the max and captured in a vase. It’s like a rainbow explosion of muculent orbs and I need to put my feet in them! I suggest it and everyone calls me crazy and laughs it off…but serioulsy…I’m serious. I have to put my feet in them. I haven’t been able to yet. There’s just something about insisting they fetch a basin and fill it with Orbeez for me to dunk my feet that really doesn’t mesh with dinner time.

So, sadly, I continue to ponder ways to go about putting my feet in them. I think maybe I should just buy my own Orbeez machine to build my own collection and dunk my feet to my heart’s content. Call it weird and crazy–and maybe a little repulsive–but I’m not the only one that has this foot fetish for gooey globules.

What!? An Orbeez Soothing Spa Set?! You’ve got to be kidding! That will be $30 well spent when I finally get within shopping distance of a Toys R Us.


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