Ramblings of Potty Mouth

There’s something about  little kids cussing that’s funny to me. Maybe it stems from Grandpa making sure our first word was sh*t. I just don’t know.

I don’t intentionally encourage it. Sometimes I’m a potty mouth. More frequently than I’d like to admit actually. I understand that this behavior in itself encourages my children to not only say these things at times, but to say them in context. Usually in public. Unfortunately, between my family and myself, my children have a vast vocabulary of unintelligible, yet humorous, words to say at any given moment.

I think it’s most humorous when they use words I’ve never thought to combine. Kinda like that time the German foreign exchange student in high school complained of the damn sh*t rain.

Today my toddler was quietly playing in her pool while I sat nearby, absorbed in new things on Pinterest which I will never make time to create. Irritated by the malfunction of her water gun, she coaxed it to work….

“Come on pisser! Come on piss nuts!”

Piss nuts? Ha!

I quickly retired to my bathroom to bust a gut laughing before we could discuss the use of “nice words.” Today brings another revelation that I really need to watch my damn sh*t mouth.


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