Controversial Debate Perplexes Me

We all have that acquaintance on Facebook who religiously plasters their wall with their political stance aimed to both change the general thought process of their friends and piss others off. We also know the post would be in vain if at least one person didn’t take the bait and banter back and forth with mindless nonsense to support their own opinion. I like to read these threads and move on shaking my head, laughing. Today, among a dozen other politically suggestive posts, this was shared with me:

No, it’s quite a rudimentary concept when you look at it like that. The thread turned into a fit of biological remarks of which neither party deemed themselves a scholar and all the while I thought to myself, “if a similar union of matter was discovered to occur somewhere in the solar system, it would most definitely be declared a form of life on any other planet.” One thing is certain . . . it doesn’t have to be a difficult concept.


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