Get Outdoors Holiday Gift Guide

When I was a kid, I remember playing outdoors until the streetlights came on. I had a collection of Barbies and dolls and a whole closet stuffed with toys, but what I remember most from my childhood days is riding bikes, lemonade stands, building forts, catching snakes and digging in the dirt.

My kids belong to the few who still enjoy outdoor play. That’s not to say we don’t own too many electronics and toys because we do. My kids have WAY too much in my opinion and I don’t want another Christmas to come around and be overwhelmed by stuff. I’m completely aware this is my fault as a parent. We’re beyond that fact, so keep up. We’ve considered alternatives like tickets to the Monster Truck Finals and Disney on Ice, gift cards, clothes, books, art supplies, but most of all we’re excited to expand on our love of camping.

After moving our son into a local independent scout troop and sending him out the door for monthly camp outs, we fell in love with camping as a family and made it our goal to hit the great outdoors once a month through the summer. It was a bit of an expense each outing since we were short sleeping bags and supplies, but little by little we’re building our family gear. Last spring we opted for day and overnight packs filled with treats, gadgets and gear in lieu of baskets for our oldest boys

eastergearso this upcoming holiday the idea continues.

I present to you my

Get Outdoors Holiday Hotlist:

1. Paracord & DIY Paracord Projects.

2. Games for family fun: Knot So FastNite Ize Flashflight Disc-O, Terrafun Backpack Board Games.

3. Geomate Jr. and Geomate Kit. Whether experienced to the world of Geocaching or just starting out, your kiddos are sure to love the thrill of the world wide treasure hunt given this gadget and party pack.

4. Camelbak Hydrobaks.

6. Camp Chair. Kids love having their very own camp chair especially if it features cup holders and extra pockets.

7. Hammock. It’s the first thing to go up at camp and the last to come down.

9. Headlamps. Perfect hands free lighting for hiking to the bathrooms or finding a safe path to your tent after an evening by the fire.

10. Fishing Pole Roasters from Firebuggz. These are a family favorite. Be sure to check out their video. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Find these items and more by following my Pinterest board. 


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