IMG_9343-3444187272-OI am a lover of chocolate, jello,  love stories and outdoor adventures with my family. I’m a mother of 4, brain tumor survivor and crazy mascara lady (also known as an Independent Younique Presenter.) I am a massage therapist by trade, but enjoy the ups and downs of motherhood while I stay at home with my three handsome boys and one beautiful girl.  It’s an endless 24-hour job, but it’s one I love and that makes all the difference in the world.  I am forever grateful to my adoring husband, my Ox.  Without his hard-working efforts, I would miss out on the early morning wake-up calls, rush to get the wieners off to school, the tantrums, the fights, the punching and name-calling, the dirty diapers, spills and messes, and of course,  the daily hugs and kisses and an occasional nap.  Well. . .I lied. . .I actually get to nap a lot.  Because of him, I am at home waking up to another beautiful morning.

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